About the Foundation

The Bagin Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation to primarily provide enrichment resources to the graduate public relation students and programs at Rowan University.

The Bagin Education Foundation was founded by Dr. Don Bagin, a long-time professor and founder of the Public Relations program at Rowan University. Don's career was dedicated to building and improving the graduate communication programs at Rowan as well as assisting motivated students who needed special attention and resources to achieve their goals.

Since its inception in 2006, the Foundation has helped the PR program with resource materials and enrichment opportunities for students and faculty. Some examples:


Rowan PR/Advertising Departments hosted two national experts on school crises communication for a very well-attended Master class in crises planning.

Sponsored graduate students who presented Master's theses at professional conferences.

Supported graduate assistants to enable completion of graduate PR program.

Purchased reference books and materials for the PR resource room.

Funding Priorities

Funding priorities are primarily aimed at providing enrichment for graduate PR students. Funding is to be supplemental and not to be used, for the most part, to supplant ongoing efforts by students and faculty in the graduate communication program.

Three areas of the Foundation’s current funding priorities, with the first two receiving each year’s majority funding, are:


Requests for enrichment opportunities for students and their programs that go beyond the day-to-day offerings for current Rowan graduate students.



Requests for special activities by the graduate communication program at Rowan to provide workshops, symposiums or other enrichments and visibility events.


In the spirit and style of Don Bagin, special needs requests by graduate communication students only will be considered.